At FT Cambridge, we are seeking and following an innovative approach to present, deploy and develop the most emerging cases and issues of Financial Technology (FinTech) initiatives beyond a solutionary vision and mission. As a startup-based community, FT Cambridge aims to accelerate the FinTech market services and solutions in close partnership with technical, administrative and marketing parties in order to explore and investigate the global opportunities. According to current and upcoming developments in the FinTech industry, our future-oriented approach is aiming to act as an affordable service provider for wide usages. 

Innovative Approach

Ideation is the first step to mature a product. We are monitoring and evaluating the innovative ideas to become a solution-based product in the FinTech industry. By constant checking and evaluating the proposals and ideas, our future focus concentrates on launching and developing the FinTech and DeFi collaborative tools and solutions. 

Data processing and business analytics experts are chasing and tracking the technical cycles of deploying and developing the FT Cambridge’s solutions and services. By collecting and analyzing data in a step-by-step process, we aim to present the market-oriented solutions for making meaningful and fruitful collaboration with our connected technical and marketing partners. The whole process is controlling by a decentralized approach.  

Blockchain is one of our main tools to achieve the milestones. Decentralized Finance and FinTech markets are growing constantly by influencing blockchain technology and applications and according to this global vision, we are looking for opportunities to present and develop our solutions based on blockchain technology usages and applications. In order to mature our supported DeFi initiatives and projects, developing or deploying an specified blockchain ecosystem is a key value in FT Cambridge’s portfolio. 

Founder’s Profile

Prof. Edward Anderson (Harvard University FinTech alumni) is the founder of FT Cambridge. He is a FinTech and Banking specialist with over 15 years working experience on centralized and decentralized financial, banking and information technology systems and now acting as a DeFi advocate to distribute the financial sources for a global ecosystem. 

Our Expertise & Skills

The colony of FT Cambridge technical and development skills entails five major segments of DeFi, Assets Tokenization, dApp, Blockchain and Community Making. We aim to improve and optimize the technical and marketing skills of FT Cambridge by evaluating and assessing the executive stages in periodical durations.