Financial concepts are becoming changed and renovated. Undoubtedly, FinTech is playing a key role to provide more facilitations in emerging markets of investment, finance and banking and we are investigating these highlighted points continuously. To jump into the ocean of financial technology, our particular mission is easing and facilitating the financial solutions through an interactive and collaborative ecosystem. Relying on this strategic mission, we commit to acquire and use the most applicable services and tools for changing the centralized finance approach and re-engineering it by decentralizing views. 


By using the emanated tools and applications to write or customize the smart contracts, our developers are able to deploy and develop any solutions and applications of decentralized finance. From ideation to market presence, our continuous activities and supports allow us to present the ease of use, practical and affordable solutions for appearing in DeFi markets.  

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Decentralized Applications (dApps) are the main points of interest of FT Cambridge and we love to get involved in such initiatives. Dependent or collaborative establishment of blockchain and smart contracts allow us as well as our partners to define, develop and mature DeFi and dApp platforms for presenting in global market hubs. 

Driving an alternative or a passive income by tokenizing the non-custodial or custodial assets are changing the philosophy of investment and making more fractional ownership opportunities. To bear with this market, FT Cambridge provides both technical and consultancy affairs for releasing a tokenized asset and making it pairable with other currencies and tokenized assets by customizing smart contracts. It allows the asset holders to share their profits in a decentralized network and gain more rewards by minting a tokenized asset.