After preparing and planning a proof of concept in 2017, A lifestyle of initiating the FT Cambridge was started in 2018 and developed in 2019.

Upon investigating and finding the partners and stakeholders and making a sufficient market feasibility by a team of experts during 2018 and 2019, The managerial board of FT Cambridge decided to incorporate it in the United Kingdom in 2019 and conduct its membership in a renowned FinTech home, Rise London created by Barclays.

FT Cambridge activities are growing rapidly in close connection and contribution with individual and corporate partners and stakeholders who are willing to provide a profitable feature by joining our portfolio. Currently, FT Cambridge’s activities are extending in Europe, MENA and North America to conduct more profitable and joint partnership opportunities with potential contributors. By conducting these partnerships, We are willing to accelerate and mature wider opportunities through mutual initiatives.

Our desired plan to extend and raise the opportunities will shape the most efficient strategies of working in FinTech initiatives.