Financial transactions are migrating from centralized to decentralized environments with value-added services and benefits through a blockchain ecosystem. By minting or staking a DeFi token on a distributed blockchain, token holders and traders can earn their profits in their saving-like accounts. FT Cambridge is providing a fully customizable, adoptable, reliable and transparent DeFi token platform to achieve all of these benefits for traders and asset holders in a peer to peer network. 


The first step is locking a desired asset in a liquidity pool to deploy a smart contract on a blockchain ecosystem. It confirms the required liquidity of trading as a collateral. FT Cambridge deploys a verified smart contract for a DeFi platform once the liquidity is provided and authorized. A successful DeFi tokenization depends on a deep asset allocation before deploying a smart contract.


Once your smart contract is deployed and verified, other asset holders can swap their tokenized assets in a decentralized and secured DeFi exchange platform without need to reserve a collateral. Decentralized exchange platforms allow the token holders to swap their main tokens with new minted tokens in a peer to peer network through a decentralized governance ecosystem.


DeFi token holders have their own benefits and achieves to gain rewards by holding or swapping their tokens on a monthly reward basis. DeFi token rewards act as a collateral impellent to warrant and reserve the required liquidity as well as sharing the benefits to token holders as their activity rewards in an exclusive manner. DeFi tokens could be minted or staked for specific purposes according to nature of the smart contracts.

FT Cambridge DeFi Tokenization Inclusions

Smart Contract Customization
Rewards by Minting or Staking
Decentralized Governance
Locked Liquidity
Scheduled Rewards Yielding
No Upfront Technical Charge

Liquidity Optimization for DeFi Tokens

FT Cambridge is looking forward to optimizing and boosting the liquidity in cycle of DeFi tokens by appointing the constant minting or staking rewards. Yielding the DeFi token rewards strongly depends on smart contracts’ execution and their deployed tokens structure. At FT Cambridge, our developers and engineers are trying their best efforts to deploy the most profitable roadmap of DeFi tokens. FT Cambridge does not deploy any DeFi tokens for its own trading and swapping purposes and all of the projects in our portfolio are conducted as joint ventures with our trusted investment and funding partners.

Current DeFi Portfolio