Our technical capabilities and strengths to deploy the smart contracts on blockchains’ main networks empower us to mine or mint the cryptocurrencies as coins or tokens. We have both options of launching and deploying the coins or tokens on our exclusive blockchain ecosystem or by using a connected or acquired blockchain’s main network.  

Coin and Token Offerings


  • Deploying on an exclusive blockchain
  • Available to mine through the blockchain’s masternodes
  • Security provision by peer to peer connections
  • Designing an exclusive wallet to ease the transfers
  • Programming an exclusive block explorer
  • Providing a legal opinion letter from a trusted law firm to confirm the trade utilization in specified jurisdictions
  • Centralized exchanges listing support according to listing budgets and projects’ nature
  • No upfront technical fee for joint ventures with investment firms and venture capitals


  • Proposing utility tokens, not security tokens
  • Deploying on Ethereum and Binance main networks
  • Minting and burning assignments
  • Smart contract verification on Etherscan and Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Available to pair with ETH, BNB and other supported tokens on a decentralized swapping platform
  • Ease of assets tokenization by minting capacities
  • Centralized exchanges listing support according to listing budgets and projects’ nature
  • Adding the liquidity through a decentralized protocol to provide direct swapping with other utility tokens directly
  • The most affordable solution of utilizing the trade and exchange in a communal network of token holders
  • Desired model of partnership with investment firms and venture capitals who are looking forward to raising their funds and assets in a decentralized platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What is the difference between a coin and a token?
A1) Coin is a type of cryptocurrencies with mining availability by their own blockchain platforms, while Tokens are building on a current blockchain and using a minted space in the blockchain platform.

Q2) Who will own a coin or a token?
A2) The process of deploying and issuing a coin or a token is entirely decentralized. Therefore, coin or token holders are the main owners of the assets. The coin or token issuer could be appointed as the main holder.

Q3) I am an asset holder and would like to issue a coin or a token. Which one is preferred?
A3) It depends. If you are willing to facilitate a utility trade, you can deposit the main asset in a liquidity pool by exchanging it to a token by an asset tokenization activity. If you are willing to be appointed as a security asset owner and make an investment offer, An independent coin will work for you.

Q4) How can I exchange my coins or tokens with other cryptocurrencies?
A4) FT Cambridge is not an exchange or a swap service provider. But, we have several connections with exchanges and cryptocurrencies swap service providers. As a general answer, you can pair your issued and verified coin or token with other cryptocurrencies by listing the coin or token on a centralized exchange (strongly depends on your listing budget) or creating a liquidity pool by a decentralized exchange. We can support both of these options.