high-tech powered decentralization

Innovative and scalable blockchain-based solutions located at Rise Barclays London, the home of FinTech.


Flexible and accessible options to deploy and develop the most proper use-cases

Fast Integration

Capable to present and develop the features of decentralized applications in a fastest manner

Transparent Ledgers

In-depth and knowledge-based distributed ledgers for blockchain ecosystems

Easy to Develop

All-in-one development features to integrate and mature the applications and utilities

Tech Leader

unbeatable services and solutions for decentralized networks

We have rich customization and development experience to build-up and develop decentralized applications, utilities of decentralized finance and blockchain-powered ecosystems using AI and deep tech-driven approaches:


Blockchain as a service

By using the most innovative and affordable blockchain-based utilities, FT Cambridge is the right place to execute and develop the most efficient decentralized platforms.


Meet Our ADVISORY Team

Pamela Attebery

Advisory Team Member

Dennis Mwansa

Advisory Team Member

George Spentzos

Advisory Team Member

Monika Gupta

Advisory Team Member

Jakob Bosshard

Advisory Team Member

Christopher Thomas

Advisory Team Member

Kirsi Larkiala

Advisory Team Member

Arshad Khan

Advisory Team Member

Luigi Wewege

Advisory Team Member

Core values

capable features to shine into the future

Academic Background

Our core team comes from high levels of academic profession in FinTech specialization.

Customizable Process

We have abilities and skills to customize and moderate the procedures without changing the scenario.

Market Demands

By chasing the blockchain and decentralization markets, FT Cambridge aims to present timely use-cases.

Portfolio Design

Alongside technical development, we can manage portfolios of DeFi and DApps.

Multichain Strategies

Our decentralized solutions reach both layer 1 and 2 chains and ecosystems.

Multiple LOBs

Our wide range of interests includes DeFi, DApps, NFTs, Metaverse… to develop.

$10b+ Market Capitals

We provide technical features for a $10b+ market cap in deployment and development.

Global Coverage

FT Cambridge has engaged with 10+ global initiatives in highly capable regions.

Get in touch

Do you have an idea or plan to collaborate with us? Feel free to reach out!

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